Here is your chance to see one of America's most Compelling Leaders - Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt -
as portrayed by
Ben Garber

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Compelling Leaders in an organization are the strategic difference between exceptional achievement and mediocrity
Ben Garber

Nothing can fully take the place of the indespensable work of leadership
Theodore Roosevelt

It happens all the time in all kinds of organizations. Someone is placed in a position of leadership, but they lack the skills to engender loyalty, attract followers and use risk as a technique to grow and learn. These are the positional leaders that can bring organizational growth and employee achievement to a halt. What kinds of leaders are there at all levels of your organization? And . . .

Are They Compelling Leaders or Positional Leaders?

Compelling Leaders . . .
Positional Leaders . . .

Lead by the power of their competence

Lead by the power of their position

Are leaders from any position

Only lead when they are the “top” player

Understand what they know and don't know

Think what they don't know is unimportant

Take action

Manage the actions of others

Are always actively learning

Use only their current knowledge

Take risks

Would rather play it safe, taking minimal risks

Learn from risks that fail or succeed

Blame others for failure

Are followed

Are obeyed – or are they?

The first powerful reality is that positional leaders can learn the principles and practices they need to become Compelling Leaders. The second powerful reality is that people at all levels of an organization can use the principles and practices of Compelling Leadership. Imagine what your organization would be like with not just one, but with an abundance of Compelling Leaders. Imagine the achievements, the success, and the profitability that would follow at all levels.

The high impact programs of Compelling Leadership deliver the leadership principles, strategies and actions that can make the difference in your organization - the difference between exceptional achievement and mediocrity. These customized programs are motivational, stimulating and humorous - while delivering action-oriented and practical how-to steps that you can use today! The most requested programs feature President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, as portrayed by Ben Garber, and are are delivered through Keynotes, Meetings, Trainings and Retreats.

“Ben -- First of all, thank you for the great session today... not only was your message timely and absolutely on target with so many of the "people" issues that we are trying to drive as an organization, but your ability to weave in the specificity of our organization was exceptional.
Employee Assistance Director,
Federal Government

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